Men's Health

Men are known for bottling things up, keeping worries and concerns to themselves. On average, one in eight men will experience depression and one in five men will experience anxiety at some stage of their lives. The number of men who die by suicide in Australia every year is nearly double the national road toll 1.

Trying to go it alone when you’re feeling down increases the risk of depression or anxiety going unrecognised and untreated. 


When you’re feeling down, taking action to call in extra support is the responsible thing to do. We recognise that seeking support is difficult. We have an online booking system and we do not have a receptionist. We are a small practice so in most cases you won't see anyone but your psychologist when you come to an appointment.


Everyone’s mental health varies during their life. Effectively managing your mental health can give you significant improvements in your quality of life, increase your capacity to support your family and your mates, and let you perform at your best.


Our psychologists are passionate about supporting men of all ages. If you are unsure if you need an appointment please feel free to email through any questions.