Group Therapy

Group therapy programs are an effective way to address a range of psychological issues, both in isolation and as a supplement to individual therapy. Group therapy can provide a sense of community and support as well as a strong feeling of validation that other people are feeling similarly to you.


The groups run are developed upon best practice, evidence-based models of psychotherapy. 


Group therapy sessions will be periodically run according to demand with roughly 6-8 people, meeting once a fortnight for 10 sessions.


Some of the groups offered include:

  • Post natal anxiety & post natal depression

  • Social Anxiety

  • Managing stress and building confidence 


If any of these groups sound like they may be appropriate for you (or your child), please send through an email and we con provide you with further information. When there are at least 6 individuals interested in a particular group then a start date will be set. 


Prior to the first group therapy session, one of the psychologists will talk with each of  the group members individually to gather relevant background information and ensure that the group is going to be a good fit for them.