The office has HICAPS available with eftpos, credit card and Medicare Easyclaim so clients can receive their rebate immediately.


Medicare Rebates

In November 2006, the federal government made the provision for the public to access rebates for private psychological consultations. Up to 10 individual sessions with a psychologist can be claimed in a twelve month period. Eligibility is not income tested. A further ten sessions may be able to be claimed under the additional covid-19 sessions until the end of 2021. 


Medicare rebated sessions can be accessed in three easy steps:

1. Visit your GP and discuss your concerns.

2. If your GP believes you are eligible and would benefit from seeing a psychologist they will complete a GP Mental Health Care Plan with you and can make a referral to a psychologist.

3. After your first six sessions your psychologist will write a progress report and send this to your GP. If required your psychologist can request a further four sessions in this report.


What if I have Private Health Fund cover?

There are many private health funds with varying levels of cover, types of cover and costs. It's important to check with your health fund whether you are covered for psychological services, and to what extent.


What if I have a Health Care Card?

If you hold a current Health Care card we can reduce the fee for your appointment provided you have a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan referral. Please note: If you do not provide us with a current referral and Health Care Card we are unable to reduce the fee for your appointment and you will need to pay for your appointment on the day. What is a health care card?


What if I am a Veteran?

If you have a DVA referral for a mental health condition from your GP and a mental health condition on your white/gold card then there will be no out of pocket expenses. 


The recommended fee in 2020 for a standard 45-60 minute psychological consultation, as set by the Australian Psychological Society is $260.00. To make psychological services more accessible, our current fee is set at a much lower rate. 



Rachel Room Medicare provider number: 4664974X  
Bronwyn  Griffin Medicare provider number: 4096205A
Mark Sullivan Medicare provider number: 5323292J
Danielle Bruxel Medicare provider number: 2991685X
Samantha White Medicare provider number: 5823144T
Emma Hutton-Thamm Medicare provider number: 5865101A
Allanah Hockey Medicare provider number: 5834322K